The Management Committee

The management and administration of the Hall is the responsibility of the Trustees who constitute the Committee of Management. The Committee consists of elected members and representative members

John Kellow Chairman   
Lynne Kellow Secretary Car Colston Parish Meeting
Sue Otter Treasurer Car Colston and Screveton WI
Linda Gilbert Bookings Secretary Car Colston Cricket Club  
Jacqueline Read   Screveton Parish
Richard Spencer    
Richard Drury    
Jessie Fisher    
The Committee is responsible for:
  • maintenance of the fabric of the Hall
  • development of day to day operating procedures
  • continued improvement of facilities for users
  • selection and maintenance of equipment
  • overseeing the good governance of Hall finances

Where members of the Committee are linked to user organisations they are are expected to act as information channels bringing views and concerns to the Committee and relaying decisions back to their organisations.

When representatives of user groups become members of the Management Committee they become Trustees of the Village Hall and their first responsibility is to the charity and not their organisation or group.